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Verified Crypto Traders Members Review

What to say about VTC.  Well, let’s start from the begining. When i entered crypto I didn’t know anything about anything. So, I just googled and came acrosss this web page ( where they were talking about best crypto signals. Of course VTC was one of them. That was over a year ago. I didn’t start with them from day one, but was just following their free channel and page, cause I didn’t want to go blind. After  short time i decided to pay for their plan and i didn’t regret it.

Crpyto market is something new in the business world, and because of market volatility signal groups appear and disappear every day, but not VTC. Smartoptions article is always up-to-date with signal groups and VCT is all the time around here, meaning they are giving their best to stay on top. They are evolving, always progressing.

After this small intro lets talk about their Altcoin signals.

Altcoin signals

First I have to say they are not like other groups giving lots of signals daily. They are very selective and very cautious about giving signals. The traders always do their job, make a good fundamental and technical analysis.  And yes, they have more then one trader, each having their own strategy, so you can follow one or more traders, it’s up to you.

As said before they are not giving daily signals. If you look it at first it doesn’t look tempting, but what we have to remember, in the end long term is always better then short term, and you can read about that everywhere. Because “Patience is the key”, and patience will make you money, or in this case more BTC.

With signals comes autotrading bot, so you can follow signals by single click, what life makes much easier. If nothing else, you’ll have a nice sleep not wondering what is happening with your signal, cause the bot will do everything. All you have to do Is to have telegram and the bot will let you know what’s going on with your trade. And if your are experienced trader you can even do your own bot settings.

If you are interested in their trade signals and theirs succes you can find on their web page.

Service Plan

Everyone wants to know what plans they have. And here is the answer.

Presently, the platform runs a total of five service plans and each comes with monthly or yearly payment plan-they are:

Platinum Plus Plan: The plan essentially caters for traders that are more interested in scalping and it is the only subscription plan that offers traders 24/7 calls.

Gold Plan: Unlike the Platinum plan, the Gold plan offers Binance and altcoin signals with various customer relation-oriented services like the personalized portfolio consultations earlier discussed.

Silver Plan: This plan is similar to the Gold plan, however, it is not as comprehensive as the Gold plan when it comes to features.

Bronze Plan: Bronze also offers Binance and altcoin signals, albeit with payment flexibility that eludes the Silver and Gold plan.

Margin Trading Plan: VCT acknowledges that margin trading crypto is a risky endeavor and it has, therefore, created a plan that supports margin trading calls that would help its members escape the notorious consequences of shorting or longing crypto.


VCT also offers critical news and updates. They give bearish/bullish weather reports where you can find out what is going on and you what you can expect to happen.

They also have their web portal where you can find a lot of information. They give exclusive webinars and much more.


In the end I can say they are constantly developing and adapting to the market, what makes them one of the best crypto platforms.


*Review Written By @Borneo82

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