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Verified Crypto Group Update November 2018

Verified Crypto Group Members Update:

Hi Members,

We had an interesting month so far with a lot of improvements and some news I would like to share with you.

Fund management by the Verified Crypto Group

As mentioned by Erik in his last Weather report we are in the final stage of setting up a BITCOIN and ALTCOIN Fund for the beginning of 2019. The fund will be based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You can now signup for this fund, and we will contact you when funding begins and to keep you updated.  We are creating the prospects now, and of course, we will share this when ready.

Full auto trading BOT for Binance and Bitmex.

We are investigating an upgrade for our BOT so we can use it as a fully automated trading BOT for Binance and Bitmex. We will only start with our members that supported our new BOT. Not all countries can use this service. (new updates will follow in the new year)


I would love to hear from you? How are you and most importantly how are we doing (not about the market. We can’t change this) Some of you give me daily or weekly feedback, but I know there are a lot more people with great ideas and feedback. We love our members, and the team will work on providing the best service and protection we can provide. We love learning from you and improving based upon your feedback.

Butler BOT

The renewal BOT Butler will contact you if your contract has ended. The current offer is a 20%  discount that is only valid three months in advanced.  The BOT and all channels are available for the remainder of your contract for free. After this, it will be 10% and no free BOT or Margin channel. We have a great feature so you can see your end date and if there is any important information you need to know. To help make this possible go to the BOT (link underneath) press on the send a message icon and then press start. (this only works in the Telegram app)

Trading BOT update

The third group finished their trial with the Verified Crypto Trading BOT today.

Because of the success, we will open a ‼️ last ‼️ period of free trials that you can join today. This last trial will end this month!

If your trial already ended and you want to continue using this great service as many did before you, we have a special upgrade offer for you.

Contact Lars or me for more information. ? @larsvelthuis or @verifiedcryptotraders_admin

The Verified Crypto Trading BOT is Trading made easy for you.


The last few weeks I have been receiving messages from members that are trading  with more than they should or that is advised. We have great reading and viewing material in our portal under the onboarding section. If you don’t read it,  but just start trading, you will lose so; please don’t. If you are a member, please read the risk, money management, and basic information first before trading. If you still have questions let us know in the chat or on the feedback page.

New live Results page

From now on we have a live result page for all the view. Hope you like it.

New support

We welcome Marco to the Verified Crypto support club.

Happy Trading,

Kind regards Ivo

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