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Updates 05-02-2019

Dear Members ,
We’re busy with streamlining our support processes. For the last year, we’ve answered all of your questions as soon as we saw them on our telephones/laptop or pc. This doesn’t leave any room for our private life so we want to streamline this. I want to share the following.

– We (Ivo & Lars) are available from 9 AM/9 PM CET from Monday to Friday. Only for critical issues, we are available at the weekend.

– Regular questions can be asked at @verifiedcrypto. We have a support team who are there around the clock, but the responds time could vary. Depending on the question.

– Besides the weekend we will answer all of you questions within 24 hours.

– If you’re a new member, and you have a question you think your fellow member could solve, please ask this question in the chat or go to the FAQ on the portal.

– Any remarks about improvements of the portal/products/ financial issues can be asked to Ivo, or use this form to submit your inquiry:

Happy Trading.
Kind Regards Ivo

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