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Update Trading BOT

Dear Members,

We are very excited to announce a new feature to the Trading Bot!

For those of you are unfamiliar with our Trailing Stop features, they allow you to add a safety net, preventing you from losing money on the trade. All of these Trailing Stop features would only activate at the first take profit target, until now.

Our new feature allows you to customize your Trailing Stop Trigger. Instead of activating automatically at the first take profit target, you now have the option to customize when the Trailing Stop is triggered based on your preferred percentages above your weighted average entry price, or your preferred take profit targets. This provides an added element of customization while eliminating risk, in case of a sudden price reversal.

If you wish to customize the bot using this new feature, please go to:

STEP 1️⃣. Trading Configuration > Client Name > Trailing > Stop

STEP 2️⃣. Choose your preferred Trailing Stop

STEP 3️⃣. Choose the Trailing Trigger you prefer. If you want to use the original Trailing Trigger (Take Profit 1) simply click on the Default Trigger option

Happy trading and have fun!

Kind regards Ivo

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