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My name is Bryce and I am from San Francisco, California. By day, I am a full time senior at SFSU pursuing my BS in Business Administration with a concentration

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I am Danny Smets, engineer in construction and father of two. Love to go camping and spending time with my kids and go skateboarding with my son, I’ve met these

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My name is Erik and my background is in engineering/math with specializing in abstract modeling of time-based geometry/energy and the mechanics of. I have worked as an engineer for most

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My name is Ivo and inspiring others, operating in a customer-oriented manner, and doing business is my goal. I started in the Crypto market 2 years ago. I was building

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My name is Marco, I am a Dutch entrepreneur and freelancer. Before I started a business on my own, I worked in construction as a project manager and sales consultant.

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Hi I’m Nate. I’ve had almost 5 years of experience with blockchain technology, with part of that getting into trading. My background is in science and technology research and development.

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I am Nick, located in the United States and recently graduated with a focus in Marketing. I am motivated and passionate about the crypto industry and am thrilled to work

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Since I’ve bought some BTC back in 2014, Crypto got me. Though I forgot about it in 2015 and 2016, in 2017 I started trading BTC and Alts. More and

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Tomas started with Crypto in the beginning of 2016. Interested in trading Cryptocurrencies because of the high volatility and the very profitable future of those. Tomas taught himself how to

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