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You always have options to build your wealth

Our favourite tactic is to take out your initial investment when you reach 100% ROI. When you have doubled your money: sell 50% (reclaiming your original investment) and leave 50% in the active good trade and see where it runs to! This tactic can help with a good night’s sleep, as well as with building your portfolio.

The second tactic is to just HODL all the way, long term … and see all the dips as market ‘noise’. If you invested in a great project at a good price – all should be well. At a later date, you can either cash out back into FIAT, or use your coin investments via a Crypto Payment Card.

Our third strategy is to sell all your coins at the beginning of a downtrend and secure the funds in an exchange coin (i.e Tether). Then buy back more coins for the same amount you sold at when you think the downtrend is over. This active trader method requires time and vigilance depending on if you are a day trader or a swing trader (longer timeframe price movements).

The final option is simply to cash out now and accept you have ‘weak hands’! Are you a leaver or a believer?

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