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How to setup your Platinum account and BOT?

Welcome to the Signal Plus Platinum service! Follow the steps below to connect and set up your account. If you haven’t done so yet, first of all, connect the Bot with your exchange(s) (Clients): Binance. Join the Platform: Join After joining the Platform and chat click on the link to connect: BOT Instructions for setting […]

Money Management Cheat Sheet

Money Management Cheat sheet. Level 1 $250,00 = $10,00 to $20,00 a trade Level 2 $500,00 = $20,00 to $40,00 a trade Level 3 $1.000,00 = $40,00 to $80,00 a trade Level 4 $2.000,00 = $80,00 to $160,00 a trade Level 5 $4.000,00 = $160,00 to $320,00 a trade Level 6 $8.000,00 = $320,00 to […]

Are ICO’s Dead?

Are ICOs dead? What is an ICO? ICO is an acronym that stands for Initial Coin Offering. In simple terms, ICO refers to an unregulated means of raising funds for a new cryptocurrency project. It is a financing process commonly used by startup cryptocurrency projects as an easy alternative to obtaining the capital from banks […]

Ivo’s Risk Management Strategy In Trading

Risk Management Strategy In Trading In general terms, risk management can be  described as the process of identifying, analyzing and mitigating the  uncertainties that come with making  investment decisions. Anyone who wants to be a successful  trader needs to have excellent risk management skill. The relevance of this skill becomes more pronounced in crypto trading […]

BitMEX: How it Works and Risks Involved

BitMEX: How it Works and Risks Involved Closely following the prevailing trend of the cryptocurrency market in recent times is enough to keep one busy. Especially when fully invested in the market, the swift fluctuation in prices is sometimes interesting enough to either give you palpitations or make you soar at others. However, trading cryptocurrencies […]

What is the difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

What is the difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis When looking to invest or become involved in the financial world, a thorough analysis of the move and flow of the market usually goes a long way in assuaging plaguing doubts. Naturally, picking out the right technique to analyse the situation of the market in […]