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Manual for new users

Manual for New Users

Generally, the exploration of a new terrain can be quite difficult, particularly in the absence of a clear guide.  To avoid that difficulty as you navigate our telegram group,  this guide has been put together to help you.


Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand the basic functions on our telegram group


As soon as you input your membership login details, the first page comes with multiple icons

At the top left side, there is an icon right next to the enclosed envelope. That is where you get to setup and monitor your account. There are three options; Activity, Profile and Groups.


Monitor Your Activities

Since you are new to the page, you are sure to have no activity record. However, with time, you can get to monitor your activities from this section using the “Activity” icon.


Set Up Your Profile

Right below the Activity icon is the “Profile”. Clicking on this option gives you full control of customizing your profile. You can choose a profile photo as well as your cover photo. These photos can be changed at will.  To change your profile photo, click on that option and you will see the “Select Photo Icon”. Select the photo from your device and upload. Note that it is not compulsory to use a profile photo but it is, however, advisable.


Joining A Group

There is an icon right after the profile option for “Group”. These are the subgroups you belong to on the Telegram group.  Since you are new to the telegram page, you do not belong to any group. You can, however, request to join the different groups available by clicking on “Request Membership” The groups include Bitmex, Bronze, silver and gold.


Search on The Group

If you have any specific thing to search for, click on the search button on the home page and fill in your search request.


Check Your Messages

There is an envelope icon on the home page and clicking on it helps you access your messages. It is where you get to check your private messages and also send messages.


If you scroll down, you will find different groups you can join, including bronze, silver and gold. You can request to join the group The groups are private groups and require that you request group membership in order to join.

Join A Forum

A Forum is a place where people can start a discussion with each other.


Settings is where you get to edit all of your preferences such as email, nickname and password

Clicking on “Activity” shows your personal, mentions, favorites and the groups you belong to. If you click on “Personal”, you get to post update. There is also an icon that allows you upload your pictures and videos.


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