Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure your own custom strategy

You can now go to Configuration > Client > Strategy > Entry/Take-Profit and then choose the Add Custom.

After saving the custom strategy, you'll be able to see that next to the other strategy options. click the strategy if you want to activate after creation.

Basic Bot Settings and Information

Portfolio Page: This page shows you a detailed overview of your connected exchanges and
current holdings per exchange. At the top you can see your total BTC Balance and next to each
exchange name you can see the total BTC Balance for that particular exchange. In parenthesis
next to the trade you can see the 24 hours percentage change or leverage if it is a margin trade.

Signals: This page allows you to open your own your desired exchange manually directly
through telegram. After clicking publish you can enter free text in the format shown. You also
have the ability to cancel and edit trades from this page.

Trades: This page allows you to view all your open trades or view a history of your closed
trades. If you click open trades it will display all the open trades, sorted by exchange. At the
top it displays your total gain / loss for all open trades and again broken down below it by
exchange. It parenthesis it displays the total percentage gain or loss for this particular trading

History trades shows you a history of all the trades made on all your exchanges. At the
top it displays the total gain/loss of the trades and below it you have the option to select
specific trades for a more detailed view.

Orders: On this page the bot allows you to create any order you desire as long as it is available
for the exchange you are choosing. The bot will walk you through the steps and multiple
screens and options will appear ranging from entry order to take profit and stop orders.

Exchange Status: This page shows you the status of all the exchanges. This page is used to
determine if each exchange is fully functional.

Configuration: This page is used to set the default values used in the trades you create. There
are multiple setting options including exchanges, channels, trailing stops, strategies, leverage,
number of entry targets, stop limit settings and even notification alerts. Each setting can be
customized on a per exchange basis so long as the exchange has the settings available. For
example, Binance will not have the option to adjust leverage since it is not offered by them at
this time.

Auto Trading: This page allows you to select which exchanges and which channels you would
like to subscribe to which allows the bot to open and close trades automatically based upon the
parameters published by our traders. You can set up multiple changes and subscribe to
different channels for each exchange.
If you have any additional question please consult our Youtube page with more detailed


We can be found at:
You can also contact us on telegram @VerifiedCrypto or view our help pages here:

How can I see my trade history

Go to Trades > Open Trades / History Trades.

BitMEX Recommended BOT Configurations

?Configuration > BitMEX > Import Configuration > VCT Margin > Default Configuration

Default Bot Configurations that you can adjust

Configuration > BitMEX:

Trailing > Entry > Without (Override: No)
Trailing > Take-Profit > Without (Override: No)
Trailing > Stop > Percentage (6.0%) (Override: No)
Stop Limit Price Reduction > 2.0%
Default Stop > Without (Override: No)
Stop Type > Market
Number of Entry Targets: 4
Entry Strategy > Decreasing Exponential (Override: No)
Take-Profit Strategy > Decreasing Exponential (Override: No)
Amount per Trade > Percentage (10%) (Override: No)
Override Signal Configurations > Yes

* Override means that it will use personal configuration instead the one is defined under the signal


Configuration > Binance:

Trailing > Entry > Without (Override: Yes)
Trailing > Take-Profit > Percentage (1.0%) (Override: Yes)
Trailing > Stop > Percentage (6.0%) (Override: Yes)
Stop Limit Price Reduction > 2.0%
Default Stop > 6.0% (Override: No)
Number of Entry Targets: 3
Entry Strategy > Decreasing Exponential (Override: Yes)
Take-Profit Strategy > Decreasing Exponential (Override: Yes)
Amount per Trade > Percentage (8%) (Override: Yes)
Override Signal Configurations > No

* Override means that it will use personal configuration instead the one is defined under the signal

Should my Telegram stay online for the (Auto)BOT to keep trading for me?

Your bot's interface is the remote control for the main bot. One may switch everything off/go offline and all keeps running as it was set.

I’ve setup the bot for my Platinum Plus, what’s next?

Please make sure you have 1-10 BTC (according to your membership plan) on this dedicated Platinum Bitmex account and don't trade manually here. If you'd like to trade signals from i.e. the Margin and/or Gold channel, or enter your custom trades you can open a second Bitmex account and set this up in the bot.

How will I know when a Platinum Plus trade happens?

New signals will show up in the Signals Plus Platinum channel. You will receive notifications from the VC Notifications Bot too.

How can I reset the BOT interface if it’s frozen?

The interface on your device is the remote control for the main bot. Should it freeze for some reason your interface can be reset by typing /start in the message bar and choose Send

Override settings Platinum Plus service for the BOT

For Platinum Plus please adjust the following settings:

Override MUST be disabled; Main menu config, name of client (exchange) for Platinum, Override Signal Config, If the menu shows Enable it's disabled already.

Note: Override Disabled means the bot will bypass your personal settings like leverage, instead the bot will apply the settings in the signal, which is the purpose for Platinum Plus.


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