Frequently Asked Questions

I just signed up, what’s next?

If you signed up, you'll receive a few messages from our verified crypto butler on telegram with all the information you'll need. It's also important to read all the desired information at the member onboarding, and watch our tutorial video's of the trading bot, found below:

Click here

I’m stuck and have a question. Where can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime through email or telegram.

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @verifiedcrypto

Are there any video’s available where I can check out the trading bot?

Sure you can! Please visit the following url to watch the setup of the bot and managing of the bot!

Click Here

Can I use the bot on Binance or only for margin trading or both?

You can use the bot for both exchanges. Binance and Bitmex are both supported!

What is a trailing buy / sell?

Take profit and stop orders are being switched according to which one is closer to the current price.

When more buy targets are fulfilled the bot will deactivate and reactivate with larger amounts.

If you deleted the stop order manually the bot will switch to sell order because it no longer have a stop order to set. Take a look at this graph for clarification:

Will the bot move the stop loss automatically when targets are reached?

Stop Loss can be a fixed target, breakeven or moving target:

To set this, click on the Configuration Trailing Stop. Then, enable the trailing stop and choose which option you prefer.
Breakeven is an option that updates your stop price when reached to the first target with the average buy price.
Moving Target does what Breakeven does and also when reaching the next targets updating the stop price to the previous target reached

will the bot move the stop loss automatically when targets are reached?

Yes, the BOT adjusts these too if they are filled in.

will the end of the signal be posted later Or should I remove manually?

After every target reached the bot will update the channel with an update, and when the signals are over it will disappear from the open signals in the bot.

Are the signals we see from a BOT?

All signals are from our traders the format is sent from the BOT.

Is it possible to completely automate the trading bot? So that once I gave permission, I don’t have to do anything myself?

With our Fully Automatic Trading Bot that is possible. Chinese and US residents are excluded for legal reasons.

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