Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a margin member but I don’t see trades that appear in the gold channel?

You need to go to the bot and click on: Main Menu → configuration → Join group → Click the group you want to get signals and you’re good to go!

When I try to register, I get a message that says: “You are not a member of this channel”. What should I do?

You probably got the wrong invite link. Please contact one of our team members and they will solve this problem for you.

I press follow and takes me to the bot chat. and nothing else happens

When you click on the follow button you’ll be redirected to the bot. Once there, press the start button, or type ‘/start’ (without quotes) to the bot.

I wanted to follow a trade, but nothing is happening?

Please check for the exchange where the signal was published for (binance, bitmex). You can find this underneath the trade pair which is displayed always on top of a signal.

Where can I choose the amount I want to invest in the trade that’s being published?

After you click on the follow button underneath a trade, you’ll be redirected to the bot. A menu shows up with buttons where you can select the total amount you’ll want to invest in the trade.

Is there some manual to get me started?

Yes there is. Here you go: Click here

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