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The best crypto trading advice I ever received

The best crypto trading advice I ever received:

Tip 1: No shorting.
Tip 2: No margin trading (leverage).
Answer this important core question: Do you most want a high FIAT value or a high number of quality crypto coins?

Experience has shown us that unless you are skilled at trading and can monitor the markets constantly you will be far better to HODL your top coins than to try and be ‘clever’. We learnt (when we were learning) that our portfolios would now be many times their current value if we had done that (done nothing!)
If you really feel to trade – then simply;
Buy at the lowest price you can (with a great coin, most any price other than the ATH or a ‘super pump’ candle should be fine).
Sell at the peaks, to buy more when price lowers (if you can catch the dips?).
Realise – high quality coins are an investment.

One thought on “The best crypto trading advice I ever received

  1. Teresa Daniel

    Be patient and don’t be greedy. Learn to be happy with your profit and don’t look back

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