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June: Verified Crypto Traders Company Update

Dear Members,

The first half of this year has been great, and we have seen some great profits in our signals. I want to start by thanking you for being a valuable and positive member of VCT. A lot of you already renewed with our special promo and supported us, for those of you that haven’t renewed yet contact @VerifiedCrypto for our special offers.

Last quarter has been very positive and if you got it in January / February of last year you begin- ning to see a turnaround and profits start to appear across the board. While we had 2 not so great months the last two have been perfect. In May we did a 71% accuracy for both channels and for those of you who stuck around and followed the trades you have been rewarded. Trading is a long-term gain and many of you are beginning to see that.

The trading BOT is working flawlessly, and the advanced version is making his way into the member’s heart. There are just a few points we want to make based upon some feedback we have been receiving. Many of you have been saying that you lost X percentage, but we noticed that you have adjusted the trades and changed some of the settings on the bot. If you traded or adjusted the trades, we can’t / won’t take any responsibility. We just provide the signals and give you the knowledge and information to act on them. If you adjust the trades or increase your risk, it is at your own discretion.

Risk management is extremely important in this industry and if you adjust the signals it is possible you can lose more then you are willing too. Having a gambler’s mentality and by increasing your risk one big loss can wipe out an entire month of profits. Please be conscious and risk-averse when adjusting the signals posted in the channels. We post our signals with a minimal risk structure and if you adjust them it is possible your losses can be devastating to your portfolio. To reiterate, DO NOT go all in on calls. While it may be tempting, the gambler’s mentality will only hurt you in the long run.

We started this trading bot because we wanted to have maximum transparency and easiness for our members. We have seen it has really been helping people. While overall around it’s easy to use and positive It is still not a system where you can sit back and do nothing. There is a responsibility on the trader to check things and make sure calls are being made correctly and to your liking. It is not 100% perfect and there will always be bugs and errors which require manual input. If you find a major error, please report it to @VerifiedCrypto.

We have always prided ourselves on providing good services to help people invest in the crypto market and there will always be individuals who are critical and negative. We have a large support system and we support all traders regardless of their opinion on us. We have adjusted our strategies based upon your feedback and have learned that some systems work better than others. Settings for the bot are extremely important and Cornix is working on automated advice for trading strategies. We are rigorously and checking variables to see what adjustments perform better and will update in the near future.

We can’t make everyone happy, but our goal is to make the majority of people happy. If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to @VerifiedCryoto and we love hearing from members, we had a good month and are looking forward too many more positive months ahead.

As Always Trade Safe,
Ivo & The Verified Crypto Team

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