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Important update about our services in 2020

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Time for Change

Dear Members,

This is an important message!  So please read it carefully so you don’t miss out and are up to date.

In the past years we have had a few reasonable traders but most only performed well for a few months before they started struggling to keep it up. On paper, most traders seem to do good but in reality, 96% perform totally differently. The psychological mindset of the trader together with consistent execution and risk-managed are a few of the reasons why this happens and that is why most of us will never become a good consistent trader.

At the moment we offer a Silver, (Bitmex) Gold (Bitmex and Alts) and Platinum (Bitmex short and Coinbase Pro long hedge trading) subscriptions. Out of all of these channels, our Platinum service has done YDT really well, you can read all about it in this article on Smartoptions.

I have looked at our services and came to the conclusion that we should offer the best service to our members, everybody should have the option to use a service as our Platinum service with the best trader.

What is Platinum:

Most of you know Erik as a trader with more than 30 years of experience and a unique style of trading. Erik his style of trading is unique and profitable compared to others and with a lower risk per trade. He trades Bitcoin long and short in a hedging strategy and offers ones in a while inside into Altcoins, so you can trade them yourself. Every week he releases a video with his famous market update that you can use for other market speculation. We send the signals to the BOT that trades the signals for you. The trading is done fully automatic, you just have to connect your exchange account to the BOT. The amount you deposit in your account is up to you but most of our members have 1BTC or more divided between the two channels to have the best results possible.

Facts and results:

More than 90% of the members are renewing for a second year. After a rough start in 2019, we had more than 134% in dollar value increase and 14% in BTC depending on the time you would have joined at the end of the year/period.

Important Note:

Platinum is a yearly plan and results can fluctuate month by month, this is part of trading. Results are only discussed at the end of the year/period. The service has performed perfectly over the last year with the current group and you are welcome to be a part of this but:

Please don’t join if you like to push for more signals, don’t want to learn, have a negative mindset, have no money or little money to trade with or want fast results. Negative draining people are not allowed in the group and will be removed.

Remember we are not a fund but a provider of signals that are traded with a BOT to make your trading life easier. We share information about the market, opportunities (some Alts like we did with BSV plus 200% profit ). If you just follow the signals and ones a week the chat that should be enough to enjoy the service at is best.

Ones a week you can ask questions in the chat about the market after the release of the Platinum video update. Erik knows what he is doing and did it for 30 years. Learn, support and in the end, we want to have fun and earn profits.

Everyone that would like to join the platinum service for the new period 2020, here is your chance: for €999,- per year. as we don’t offer discounts or monthly plans.

At every end of the next period/year, we will adjust the yearly fee to the results we have made for the group.

Contact me directly at @verifiedcryptotraders_admin or @VerifiedCrypto if you have any questions.

Kind Regards, Ivo

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