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How Trading Size Matters When It Comes To Making Profitable Crypto Trades

Crypto trading is basically a money-making endeavor and so making profits is the primary aim of every trader staking his or funds on the rise or drop of crypto prices. While this is a given, it is also important to iron out a major misconstrue that borders on the profitability of trades and how each trader should calculate his or her earnings.

Trading Size Matters

We at VCT have always emphasized the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio, as such, our calls encompass a wide range of altcoins with bitcoin not being left out. What this means is that our members allocate a percentage of their portfolio to each trade and this immensely reduce the risks of incurring fatal losses.

However, when it comes profitability, this strategy also comes to play and from what we have noticed so far, traders tend to forget that the lack of uniformity in trading sizes would have an effect on personal results. Apparently, calling a 50% profit on our trade doesn’t necessarily mean that each trader would make the same dollar amount on the signals.

The amount a trader makes from our calls is solely dependent on how much he or she traded with. For more clarification, let us calculate the profits of two traders, Trader A and Trader B who both own portfolios worth $1,000 each.

If Trader A had entered 20% ($200) of his portfolio into a trade that generated a 50% return, while Trader B trading size for the same call was 10% ($100), then from simple calculations, trader A would make $100 while Trader B’s profit is $50.

As such, the disparity between earnings is a result of the varying percentage of funds each trader allocates to each trade. Nevertheless, members should not mistake their ability to make more or less than other traders as a glitch from our side. It all boils down to how much you are willing to stake and just like the minimum starting point, we are not in a position to dictate the size of your trades. Hence, the profits on our results, which is always in percentage, is guaranteed across all partaking members, yet, each trader’s earnings in crypto or fiat is a determinant of his or her trading size.

How Do We Show Our Results?

VCT is a dynamic and innovative ecosystem of traders that are sure of their ability to tame the unpredictable terrain of the crypto market. And so we are not afraid to log and show our results for everyone to see. Owing to our competitive nature, we have adopted a wide range of access points to our results so as to prove that we are no fluke.

As a member and a subscriber to our array of quality signal-focused services, you can access our trading results on our official website, the Bots on the website, live trading on the coin-tracking account as well as the personal trading bots of each member (which would take into account the trading size of the trader).

Also, we take our time to calculate profits on our central channels, thereby affording our members an easy way to assess our service and also their decision-making prowess when it comes to allocating funds to our calls.

Needless to say, VCT stands as the only crypto signal provider that affords its members with the luxury such level of liberty and transparency that is often absent in other platforms.

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