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Has The Market Finally Turned Bullish For Crypto Investors

It is funny how we naturally gravitate to trending topics, style, trends, and even investments. For a while, particularly through 2017, crypto had explosive media coverage, and it was almost impossible not to encounter the topic.

Ideally, we could link the causative factor of this exposure to the price performance of crypto. At the height of it, Bitcoin, which still stands as the most popular of them all, had climbed to a new peak price of $20,000. Crypto had become a trend and the scramble to get a piece of the action was well documented. More interestingly, this period gave birth to a new horde of crypto millionaires while new entrants gleefully used these case studies to set up investment goals.

However, as suspected, this price trend was unrealistically sustainable. In 2018 alone, the crypto market witnessed an unprecedented price slump, which is a result of the decisions and indecisions of investors when the market took a corrective turn. The crash of crypto’s market capitalization suggested that a sizeable number of investors had abandoned crypto, as developers took development up a notch in preparation for the future.

Now, the market has somewhat hit a recovery phase, and unsurprisingly, the media narrative is compelling enough to drive the level of FOMO that brought us the last bullish market. It is okay to tell the positives of the crypto market and hope, down the line, that it motivates investors that are still on the fringes of adopting crypto to go all the way in. Yet, this is the time to recognize investors that have been part and parcel of the roller coaster from the very beginning.

Crypto Investors Are The Real MVP

No one would fault an investor for cutting his/her losses when the crypto market went downhill. Nonetheless, some have endured the bearish run, even after watching helplessly as their investment lost value on a daily. A deep analysis of this act of perseverance leads us to one simple conclusion: these investors are strong believers of the viability of crypto technology.

There is no other way to explain this show of resilience during a period where crypto was bashed and battered by regulators and the mainstream media alike. We at VCT share this same philosophy, and we have made it our duty to reiterate the fact that our business is not one of those get rich quick schemes. From an expert point of view, money should come second when pondering on investing in crypto.

An investor that has not taken the time to understand the workings of crypto would find it a bit strange to endure market slumps. It is only when an investor sees through the veil of complexity that shrouds crypto technology that he/she can invest long-term and stay at unmoved by the ever-raging conversation about price fluctuations. This proves that the investor has browsed the long list of cryptocurrencies available today, and he/she has chosen two or more that promises innovative disruptions in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, it is crucial not to take this process for granted. Because analyzing the viability of a coin is a difficult task that is best left to investors that have a knack for unearthing gems. The analysis, which takes into consideration various factors, could discourage even the most talented of investors. As it is, the market is increasingly being flooded with scam and unreliable projects.

Now that investors are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with cryptocurrencies posting encouraging price patterns that we haven’t experienced in a long while, it is safe to say that it is only a matter of time before they get the reward for exhibiting such unflinching resolve.

What Are The Factors That Have Led Us To This Point?

More importantly, it is essential to highlight the factors that might have contributed to the market uptrend. Although many have fixated on the emergence of crypto ETF as the only escape from the relenting bearish market, yet, we have often correlated the market’s resurgence to smaller factors. For one, we believe that crypto’s mainstream pursuit is strongly tied to retail adoption.

Similarly, one of the biggest hurdles of crypto is the technicalities involved in owning one. As such, developers have looked for easier ways to make the market accessible to tradition assets-inclined investors. While the viability of past solutions is questionable, the emergence of web browsers with inbuilt crypto tools is narrowing the gap between the crypto space and the rest of the world.

Crypto investors have watched on while all these developments took form and they are on the verge of reaping the fruit of their long wait. Nonetheless, it is not too late for you to take a second look at the viability of crypto. There are lots of crypto projects that you can adopt as either long-term or short-term investment vehicles, and we at VCT can help you in your journey in finding the right one.

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