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Company update of August

Dear Members,

For some, it is the summer holiday season, and I hoop for those that they are enjoying it, so I will keep the update short.

We have made some significant changes in the last few months. We added a new trader in the test pool and stopped working with Nate, we wish him all the best in his future ventures.

We appreciate your feedback, and when appropriate, I act on it. Thanks for those that helped me out for the last couple of months with all the changes we have implemented.

We updated the results pages, and we added some features and improvements to the BOT which can be seen below:

• advances in the profit/loss calculation in the channel notifications
• Improvements to the Bitmex API coding for switching contracts
• Improvements to the speed of signal parsing
• Improvements to the Bittrex API for missing coin pairs
• Incorporate the 15min timeout for consecutive coin pairs as a controllable option
• Bugfix where Leverage and its override status was not being shown in the trade config summary
• The ‘Insufficient funds’ message will be replaced with ‘Invalid Order Size.’

We are currently testing the Coinbase Pro API for our BOT and will release it this week.

The platinum channel will be upgraded for all the Platinum members for free with another channel as promised.

Additionally, we have updated our Weather report and will share a version that shows a summary of the three traders each week. I would love to hear your feedback and if you like it?

We had another great round of renewals, so for the members that did not renew with our summer deal, the sun is still shining, so you can capitalize on this discount.

I wish you all a great summer and don’t be staring at the screen too much you, will miss the essential things in life.

Kind regards,


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