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Cryptocurrency markets are infamous for their volatility. As a crypto trader, you have to be aware of market movements all the time and understand them. That’s why you need a reliable crypto signal provider. You’ve come to the right place.

Get your BitMEX telegram signals and a technical analysis

We are the best BitMEX telegram signal provider. BitMEX is a crypto exchange and one of the biggest Bitcoin trading platforms. With our crypto signal service, you’ll receive BitMEX signals via the Telegram app. However, we take it a step further. You’ll also receive a solid technical analysis as well as information on the different calls.

Learn about BitMEX margin trading and leverage

As a trader, you need to understand the concepts of margin, margin trading, and leverage.

A margin is a loan you can get to increase your buying power, the so-called leverage. With margin trading, you grow your leverage by trading with a borrowed amount of cryptocurrencies based on the assets you already have.

BitMEX margin trading offers the highest leverage in crypto trading. Buy up to a 100 Bitcoins with only 1 Bitcoin as the backup.

Margin trading can bring big profits but also heavy losses. So, you need to know what you’re doing and when to go long to go short with a trade.

Learn how to short and long bitcoin

Going long or short is all about if a trade starts with buying or selling. A long trade begins by buying bitcoin and expecting to sell it at a higher price later and thus making a profit.

What is Bitcoin shorting?
When short trading with bitcoin, your goal is to sell bitcoins at a higher price and repurchase the bitcoins for a lower price later and thus profit. A common way to short-sell bitcoins is via margin trading.

For example, buy 10 bitcoins from a lender for €100.000 and then sell them at that price. As you expected, the price drops. You repurchase 10 bitcoins for €60.000 and return the 10 bitcoins to your lender. The €40.000 difference is your profit.

Learn to profit from crypto trading
To benefit from crypto trading, you first have to understand it. Sign up with us and receive insightful webinars, talk with professional crypto traders and get BitMEX signals via Telegram

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