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All You Need To Know About Bitcoin ETF...

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin ETF

The wait for a licensed bitcoin ETF started five years ago. However, recent events have signaled that the wait is about to come to an end. What Is An ETF? ETF is an investment fund that tracks the price of an underlying asset (index, bonds, commodity or basket of assets). It allows investors to spread their investments without necessarily owning the assets that the ETF is tra

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Real Blockchain Solutions For Customers...

Real Blockchain Solutions For Customers

Blockchain was first introduced by a person or group of persons known as Satoshi Nakamoto. By way of definition, blockchain is described as an immutable digital ledger which is originally for economic transactions, but is capable of being programmed to store almost anything that has value. For several people, blockchain is synonymous with Bitcoin and sometimes cryptocurrencies

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Risk Management Strategy In Trading...

Risk Management Strategy In Trading

In general terms, risk management can be  described as the process of identifying, analyzing and mitigating the  uncertainties that come with making  investment decisions. Anyone who wants to be a successful  trader needs to have excellent risk management skill. The relevance of this skill becomes more pronounced in crypto trading due to the volatility of the crypto industr

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BitMEX Margin Trading: How It Works And Risks Involved...

BitMEX Margin Trading: How It Works And Risks Involved

Closely following the prevailing trend of the cryptocurrency market in recent times is enough to keep one busy. Especially when fully invested in the market, the swift fluctuation in prices is sometimes interesting enough to either give you palpitations or make you soar at others.However, trading cryptocurrencies is definitely not much fun as of now, especially when all you can

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Bitcoin And Altcoins: What’s The Difference?...

Bitcoin And Altcoins: What’s The Difference?

Cryptocurrencies have become quite the household name in the world of finance and technology. Especially given the world’s awakening to the power wielded by their underlying technology- Blockchain- cryptocurrencies have remarkably secured a spot in the mind of tech enthusiasts.Now, the fact that these cryptocurrencies have managed to create a major uproar in the global market

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Guide For New Traders: Should You Trade Alone Or Trade In A ...

Guide For New Traders: Should You Trade Alone Or Trade In A Group?

Cryptocurrency trading refers to the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies. It is a plausible way to get involved in the crypto market without going through the process of mining which is more tasking, stressful and costly. As a new trader, you may choose to trade alone, i.e., doing all the research and analysis by yourself, or you may decide to opt for trading in a group whe

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