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Tomas started with Crypto in the beginning of 2016. Interested in trading Cryptocurrencies because of the high volatility and the very profitable future of those. Tomas taught himself how to trade and with endless nights of getting as much info as possible, learned his lessons and now his full-time income comes purely from trading. Mid 2017 he signed his first contract for trading with the capital of someone else and running a managed fund, purely on his results. Now he has more than 10 investors under contract and trades not only for himself but a series of managed investments. In addition to that, Tomas plays a key role in different social groups as a personal coach and Technical Analysis expert. He has a wide and international network of followers and enthusiasts who love his work under the name of TJ Trade Corner. The trading style is mostly based on hidden patterns in commonly used indicators, volume and momentum indicators, advanced natural movement patterns, as well as a very fast access to any influential news.

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